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That blissful hour in the middle of the nine to five, where lady professionals meet to eat. Ragers by night and assistants by day, this page is devoted to making a record of the sumptuous details of our break from the cubicle.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Lunch Dessert

um, yes we did in fact lunch on dessert. Heeding the lesson of previous fruitless pastry excursions Mary and I went straight away to the coffee counter of DiBruno Bros. to peruse the baked good selection. The marbled poundcake, plethora of biscotti, and myriad rugula were enticing, but we settled on a lush and chewy lemon cookie and a snappy crunchy peanut butter ball for Mary and the chocolate croissant for me. Mary reports delightful crunch suprises from the peanut butter ball, Rice Crispies in the mix, perhaps? I had a big problem with my croissant. It was too good. The chocolate was subtle and not too sweet, and nicely demure in quantity, but the pastry, the pastry was devine. It was so buttery and savory. I prefer savory to sweet, generally, I would rather have and more real food than dessert, but with Mary's influence I am embracing sweet more. But this croissant, damn, maybe it's just that's it has been a long while since I've eaten one, but I couldn't really handle it. Basically I ate it too fast and then felt weird. I guess I should try again, maybe I'll get it right next time.


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