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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Weeks and Weeks

Good Lord!

We've been absent for quite a while. I realize some of you may have decided that you were sick of waiting around for us and have found some other lunching mavens to follow. For those of you who still regularly check, hoping that one of us has found time to write, thank you, thank you and thank you.

Lunches themselves have grown further and far between, and with them, lunching ladies have also lunched less often. I for one, have begun skipping lunches to catch up on hours. My Tuesdays and Thursdays are now just half, because of an internship with Fabric Horse. Which means often no lunching at all, let alone blogging about it.

Today though, today. If you haven't heard, global warming is in full effect here in the Philadelphia metropolitan region, temperatures in mid November have stayed in the upper 60's and even 70's. There were a few cold weeks, and we've had a share of rain, but no credible threats of snow or sleet, those, you know, typical meteorological patterns associated with the coldest of the fall months. But to coincide with the recent election in our fair country, wherein a healthy number of Republicans were both outed and ousted from office, this month's unnatural warmth is only further proof of the ridiculous logic of the former ruling party. Global warming is real, George. Just like the heap of trouble you're about to find yourself in.

So in light of the (I'll admit) pleasant forecast, we lunched in the park! The birds were frantically chirping and chasing one another in a rather aggressive swarm that startled each of the park's lunching ensembles, in turn. The leaves were falling into our food. It was lovely. I've recently taken to ordering a twist on the Philly sushi roll from the Sushi Restaurant next to Secret Park: avocado, asparagus and cream cheese. Mmm. Karina ordered a spider roll (eel, shrimp and avocado, for those of you, who like me, had no idea). Kate stuck to her guns: the mediterranean wrap (just half) from dibruno brothers.

But we didn't even really talk about the food (except for when I choked on the miso in my soup twice!, and we subsequently commented on how it wasn't really very good miso anyway). Rather, we discussed the art classes at Fleisher and our varying degrees of satisfaction/compelledness to continue attending. Kate and I are each currently enrolled (Intro. to Drawing and Sculpture, respectively) and find them to be charming additions to our lives. I, however, also rue the loss of Wednesday evenings, a time to regroup and clean my room. And as glamorous as being a sculptress may sound, so far I have only a ceramic fennel bulb to show for my toils. And each week, it loses a limb. I just need to have something to show for those hours of meticulous carving and shaving and rotating, call me crazy.

Karina is going to take cello lessons after the holiday. And (fingers crossed) her grandmother might pay for them! Related to this, she is in the market for an 18 inch chair on which to sit while she plays her if you come across one, let a girl know.

We left early, Kate to relieve her sick boss, and Karina and I to window shop our way back to the office.


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