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That blissful hour in the middle of the nine to five, where lady professionals meet to eat. Ragers by night and assistants by day, this page is devoted to making a record of the sumptuous details of our break from the cubicle.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Alls in the Foodily

After yesterday's Hearty Satisfaction with lunch, Karina and I ventured out to try to repeat our luck. Stopping first at the Sprint store (boo), we had time to collect our appetitious thoughts and after admitting a craving for peanut noodles, Karina recalled a Thai carryout place on 18th street where we could get exactly that. So after purchasing a new charger for my phone, we headed westerly, in the direction of what we hoped would be a fresh take on our by now beaten lunch path.

The place is called the Pad Thai Shack. Not terribly original, but their menu was much more enlightened. They have hot and cold, small and large morsels ranging in price from three to eight dollars. And the boy working there was adorable, glasses and all. I enjoyed Pad Thai with tofu and extra peanut sauce and Karina got a peanuty, buckwheat noodle salad. Eaten in the solace and comfort of our flourescent break room. But it was all as it should be. Exactly right. dare we try for overwhelming lunchtime delight tomorrow too? Three days running? Perhaps Thanksgiving is the new New Year? Stay tuned.


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