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That blissful hour in the middle of the nine to five, where lady professionals meet to eat. Ragers by night and assistants by day, this page is devoted to making a record of the sumptuous details of our break from the cubicle.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

a three-cake day

Today Mary has joined Karina and myself, and whatever others care to be members of this group, in the twentysomething years. She seems neither apprehensive nor disgusted by this milestone, though how much that has to do with her level of maturity than with the prespect of three cakes in one day I do not know. Should it be the latter, she has grown up into a charming young lady without losing sight of her childhood hobbies and ambitions, most of which involved sugar in some form. So, in honor of this special day, I will say not a word about our actual unches. We returned to Kennedy Food Garden, and sitting at our table adjacent to so many others filled with reading single lunchers, an eerie hush took over the place. I felt like I would break the glass of the window by our side if i were to raise my voice above a whisper.
Onward to what Mary had to eat today!
After being made pumpkin pancakes by the boy she loves this morning (and those are the best kind of pumpkin pancakes), Mary is having some kind of cake in her office today. Following her art class this evening the same boy who made her pancakes will buy her another cake at Whole Foods. They will convene at my house, where we will all watch the episode of Veronica Mars that aired last night, and wherein I will present Mary with yet another cake. Because it is mine I know the most about it. It is a goat cheese cheese cake (when I told Karina this she thought that I had said "grilled cheese cheesecake") with peaches and blueberries atop.
Knowing the wonderful friends that I do, I can only hope that our combined grit and determination can bring us sailing to a victory over all the cakes of today. I'll sup lightly and save room, be it for fruit or custard, chocolate or pudding. Cake will bring us together, my friends. Cake is the answer.


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