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That blissful hour in the middle of the nine to five, where lady professionals meet to eat. Ragers by night and assistants by day, this page is devoted to making a record of the sumptuous details of our break from the cubicle.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Forgive us our nonposts, though we probably don't deserve it! On Friday we halfheartedly drunched at Oscar's, home of the foot-tall Long Island iced tea, which we were smart enough to stay away from. Mary had a whiskey and soda, Karina a gin and tonic, and myself a bloody mary, which may or may not be capitalized. We also ate some huge plastic buckets of grease adorned with a few french fries swimming in the ocean of lard. I missed Monday, but Karina and Mary were disappointed with the attitude and prices of the famed and fabled Reading Terminal Market. Good cupcakes though.

Yesterday afternoon I had an experience which I assure you is not oxymonical: a thoroughly comfortable, informative and rapid gynocologist appointment. Seriously, long live Colleen. I met my lady friends in the secret park at 2:15 or so, but being far embedded in one of my patented apetiteless days, I ate nothing. Mary had the remainder of her eight dollar vegetarian chicken salad sandwich from the previous day's attempt at horizon broadening, Karina a delicious-looking fishy, caviary sushi plate from the restaurant next door.

I bitched about my brother being a jerk who doesn't visit me when he says he will, we traded stories of our separate weekend parties, we discussed the sexism inherent in bike stores, a touchy subject when one's good friend and another's boyfriend work therein. I had the afternoon off, and rode my bike home. When I left Karina and Mary were talking about dessert. Did they eat such a meal? If so, what did they have? If not, why not? The answers to these burning questions and more may or may not be available later today!


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