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Friday, October 06, 2006

ahoy from portland!

i know, i know this is a bit unorthodox, a business lunch post from the road. i have not indulged in this practice thus far, and i was relatively certain i would not. for truth be told: i have had no matter of business for 3 healthy weeks now. yes, i've cavorted, lollygagged, made merry, napped, complained, got sweaty, massaged my ass cheeks after endless hours in the van. but business? nah.

however, i am sitting here in a cafe in portland, oregon (worker owned and operated, ofcourse with the moldy peaches on the stereo, and i simply can't help myself. i've been reading over the posts from the past week or two, and feel a great tugging in my heart, a hole that only lunch can fill. i think of the warm booths at the chinese restaurant, the sweet calm darkness of frank's at lunch (and the hapless, comic book character type alcoholics at the bar) - i think of the swells of joy at seeing your faces after a crap morning at work.

so the place where i am is called The Red & Black, and has got pretty standard lefty cafe fare. the boys and i all had bagels (i splurged on mine and got hummus, organic avocado and tomato) and big cofffees. the coffees came in pint glasses, which was slightly disconcerting. steve and i are considering splitting a vegan cinnamon bun.

and a slight update to titillate you: i am considering transitioning to veganism upon my return to philadelphia. the many hours through farmland (the pens of cattle shamelessly visible from the highway), the vegan literature fucking everywhere we go, and general wantingness have prompted this decision. will you still sup with me, though i may not be able to parktake of your pizzas, your croissants, your goat cheese and bread?

i miss you...and just in case you miss me, here is my face right now:

emily "road warrior" j.k.


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